My first night in Tokyo


Alright, here we go.

Originally I was planning on writing a post about how to even get to Japan (which in my case is through an internship) although your Japanese is pretty basic (like mine).
And I will still do that. That just requires a little bit more research and structure than just writing down what I’m experiencing in my every day life.

So my life here started with a pretty unusual but typically Japanese invention: a capsel hotel.

Okay so in the past whenever I saw those hotels on tv or online my initial thought always was „how could people possibly survive a night in a thing like that?! I can’t even ride the underground train without feeling trapped and a tiny bit claustrophobic..(in Germany, not Tokyo I might add)!

I booked my capsel a few weeks in advance in a brave moment (okay, maybe a little friend called ワイン encouraged me as well) and let me tell you, riding the underground train is way worse!

I actually really enjoyed „my“ little capsule and would recommend it to anyone – at least the hotel I stayed in (Shinjuku capsule hotel – which was a little bit hard to find.. definitely download an offline map beforehand).

Why? – for a bunch of reasons

Number 1: Location, Location and Location: most of them are pretty close to a train station (because they were invented for people on business trips) / easy to reach from the airport.
Number 2: The price: for central Tokyo it was cheap (35-40€)
Number 3: Very convenient: if you travel with a lot of luggage like I did the last thing you want to do after a long trip is to go through everything on the hunt for your toothbrush, shampoo, PJs and of course some slippers 😉 – because lets face it they’re always on the button of your suitcase, always. But luckily you don’t need any of that. Everything is provided by the hotel – for free.
Number 4: Very simple: it was clean and quiet (and after a few hours
on a plane that’s basically all I wanted)

By the way: most of the modern capsule hotels will have separate floors for men and women, so running around only in your PJs on your way to the bathroom is totally fine.

I hope with this I can encourage a few more people to just give it a try, I would definitely do it again.

Next post: a little summary of some (touristy) places I visited so far and my thoughts on them  🙂


My first night in Tokyo

The Start

I think I’ve got this domain for around 4 months now and just couldn’t get myself to start writing, mainly because I don’t see myself as a blogger.. At all. 
But I kind of want to have a place where I can write down my experiences during my time abroad. Firstly for myself (ego me), secondly for friends and family and thirdly for probably those 2-6 people who stumble across this blog and find it interesting. 

So what will this thing be about? 

Basically a 23-year old German girl living and working in Tokyo/Japan for 5 months.

Hopefully my next post will be up under 4 months. Fingers crossed.

Oh and I haven’t decided yet if I keep it in English or switch to German – probably depends on the topic as well. 



The Start